November 8

Election Day 2016…

We met this morning at 7:00 for a prayer vigil for the election and our nation.

There is a lot of unrest concerning the election and even the students I have who are of voting age are very concerned about the outcome.

My personal belief is that we must trust in God and put our faith in him.  We have to take our civic responsibility seriously and vote for the candidates we feel God wants in office, but the entire outcome is in his hands and it is up to us to pray and be as calm as possible.

I have heard all sorts of dire predictions of consequences and the outcome, but I refuse to let myself get carried away and start to fret and worry. It won’t do any good.

I do think the outcome will be interesting and there has been so much hype on television that I am not sure what to expect.  I do expect high feelings and a verbal outcry no matter what the result.  Now I think I need to keep the matter in prayer and be as calm as possible.

Father,  it is hard to know what to expect, but through it all I know you are in charge and that is totally comforting to me.  I trust you for the outcome.  Amen.

Isaiah 26:3-4; Romans 15:13


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