November 9

Change of plans….

First, I went to the pharmacy to get my prescription only to find that it had not been filled.  After several calls to the clinic and I mean many calls and two hours I managed to get it filled.

Then I checked on my plane and found it was canceled.  They had to work on my ticket and then got me rerouted through Seattle and Chicago arriving in Memphis only 20 minutes later than my first original flight which was nice.

Then I called to cancel my eye appointment in Anchorage today.  That took a little doing too.

I had to cancel my substitute as I was able to teach both of my classes today.

My initial response to this change of plans was to become a little flustered at first, but I tried to quickly think about the good that came with it and I realized I had more time to get the prescription filled, I had time to get all of the students’ advanced makeup which I did not know about previously, but had to be done and I also was able to still arrived in the morning tomorrow so all was well.

I admit it took an actual forcibly turning of my attention from the “bad” to the “good” and then I was fine.  I had to make myself undertake the change before I felt better.

I can see from this somewhat intense example in a short period of time that it is a true case of mind over matter.

Father, I am thankful that you give me mercy even when I should be able to turn my thinking around since I know how to do it, but you make it possible.  Thank you for loving me so much.  Amen.

Isaiah 41:10  Nothing fazes me because God is with me.  (This verse popped up on my phone right in the middle of all the change.  What a great reminder from God.)




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