I have helped my daughter with several moves although it has been awhile since I helped with a commercial move.

My son has often encouraged me to move closer and I have considered it, but I am sure the reason I haven’t ever really come close to moving is that I see all that is involved and I don’t want to undertake it.

I have thought if I did decide to move to just try it out in a rented furnished apartment for six months and then make a decision.  I have also thought of getting a tiny house and a truck to move it with and going from Kansas to Tennessee, back and forth.

I have been trying to systematically get rid of stuff in my house.  I have cleaned out the closets and cupboards and dressers and gotten rid of lots of stuff, but there always seems to be more to sort through.  I need to clean and sort through the garage.  I have started, but I am definitely  nowhere near being finished with the task.  I did sort out the storage locker with my son and that was a huge burden off of my mind, but I need to do it with the garage at home too.

I know there is no need to keep stuff indefinitely, so I wonder why we do it.  Is it sentimental value or attachment, lack of ability to decide where it should go, or is it something else.  I really don’t know.  I wish I did.

At any rate, I will keep thinking about moving and try to come closer to a more definitive decision.  In the  meantime, I need to keep going through things and getting rid of them on a daily basis.

Father, thank you for insights and for encouragement.  Help me to continue sorting and to come closer to a decision.  Amen.

Colossians 3:23



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