November 10 and other assorted days


One of my jobs while I was in Tennessee was helping guide my grandson and keeping him on task.  We worked on his room successfully and he was pleased with the results.

He was a big helper in knocking down empty boxes and toting them to the garage where my daughter will get someone to take them away.

We had to go through the paper used for packing and either stuff it in a box or unfold it and refold it in half and put it in a box.  This is definitely the better method as you can put more paper in a box this way.  Also you shake them out and that way you don’t lose anything.  Having only moved once with a mover in my lifetime and that one move was so long ago, I did not think about this.  Of course my daughter is an old pro at moving so she knew just what to do which made things better.

Another task that my grandson and I accomplished was unwrapping the many bins of Christmas and other holiday items that had been stored in their garage.  These papers were much heavier and needed to be folded in half and then stacked.  My grandson had to move the bins as we unwrapped them, but he did a great job and we accomplished this chore with no problems.

While he was at school, I marked boxes for moving and then he would move them when he came home which was a big help.

Father, there is so much involved in moving.  More than I realized even though I have helped in the past.  Help my grandson to continue to be of help to his mother and father.  Amen.

Deuteronomy 22:4

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