November 20


Today we remembered and thanked God for the missionaries we support as a church.  The kids who attend the Sunday evening Missions Adventures each gave one or two facts about one of the six missionaries we support.  They did really well, but I suspect they were not heard well.  The microphone did not seem to amplify their voices at all.  I was really proud of them.  It was their first time to get up in front of the church and speak alone.

As a denomination we really support our missionaries and I continue to receive support even though my husband has been gone eight years.

I recently discovered that one of the missionaries we support who is not a part of our denomination has no retirement fund and we have increased our support to her specifically for this purpose.

I also remember a particular missionary who returned to our community after 40+ years on the mission field in China and without the support of our church he would have been destitute.

It is an obligation that I willingly and joyfully undertake as having support has meant a lot to me.  I pray that more people will see the need and give toward it.

Father, you are so good to meet our needs and for that I am extremely grateful.  Thank you.  Helpus to give so that others will have their needs met as well.  Amen

Philippians 4:19


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