November 22

Mary and Martha….

The familiar story of Mary and Martha in the Bible tells of Jesus’s visit to their home.  Martha got busy being the hostess while her sister just sat at the feet of Jesus and listened.  When Martha spoke to Jesus about this, he told her Mary had chosen the better thing.

This story has always always bothered me as I know myself well enough to realize that i would be Martha and get busy making dinner for Jesus.  All my life I have seen myself as Martha.

This morning in my devotions I read a startling interpretation of this passage in Luke. The author said that the better thing was not what I had always thought, not helping, but in fact it was listening to Jesus in the busyness of life.  Jesus was just telling Martha not to forget to listen in the midst of her work in the kitchen.

I know I have been guilty of this many times in my life, but I have determined to keep sight of this from this minute on.  I need reminders not to let the busyness of life crowd out Jesus and what he wants to say to me.  Martha just needed to stop and take a few minutes to listen and not her her busyness crowd Jesus out.

Father, thank you for new interpretations that help me understand your word.  Help me to take time during the busyness of each day to listen to you.  Amen.

Luke 10:38-42



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