November 26

Advent Fair….

Long, long ago we had a wonderful volunteer who introduced the concept of Advent and Lenten Fairs to me.  She helped me with the first one we had and since that time I have held both fairs every year.

Since tomorrow is the first Sunday in Advent, today was the perfect day for our Advent Fair.  Our pastor and  his wife advertised it on social media and we had a good turnout with new people and returning kids.

I require an adult or teenager to accompany all kids who not school age and I have a lot of activities designed with them in mind.  There are scores of sticker activities and some coloring activities that are just right for them.

This year we had stamps to make wrapping paper and they enjoyed that too.

I had some good teen age help especially with the harder crafts and decorating cookies.

The entire fair went well and I was happy and thankful for it.

After it ended and we were cleaned up I went to see the Dance program put on by the local instructor and featuring several kids from the church.  It was very different and good.

I also fit in knitting with my friend at the hospital before I went home.

Father, thank you for a good day and for the success of the Advent Fair.  Let the true meaning of Christmas shine through the activities they completed.  Amen.

Matthew 1:18-25


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