November 27


Sundays are always busy days for me so they never feel like a day of rest.  I do try to keep a part of the day in the afternoon for rest and not let myself get busy with some activity.

After teaching Sunday School and attending worship, I go to the hospital to knit with my friend.  She is making hats for each of her four daughters and she needs a lot of help to complete this project.

My rest time comes next and then I go to church to teach the Missions class for kids.  Today we are making a Christmas card for each of the missionaries we support.  I am trying to encourage the kids to bless others with their activities.

Then it is home again and a little down time before bedtime.  Sundays are busy days, but I am thankful I am able to continue to teach kids to love Jesus and to share his love with them.

Father,  you give me rest in all I do.  Thank you.  Amen.

Genesis 2:2

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