November 30


We had the most amazing sunset last night.  It was so stunning that students were running out the front door with their phones to take pictures of it.

It started out as a purple sky and quickly  morphed into pink, yellows and oranges and the intensity of the colors changed rapidly too.

There was a layer of fog over the ocean and obliterating all but the tops of the islands making the scene even more awesome.

It is times like this when I wonder how anyone could resist God as our creator.  I wonder where they think these awesome sunsets come from and how they happen.  Oh, I know they will try to use science to explain it, but even then I don’t think they can get the whole picture.

It was so inspiring that kids I would have never thought would respond to it were outside with their phones snapping photos.

When something like this happens, I am blessed and thankful that our God is a mighty god whom I am happy to serve.

Father, let the wonder of your creation touch hearts for you.  Amen

Hebrews 11:3


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