December 2


For the first time ever we are having our bazaar beginning on Friday.  Usually we only have it on Saturday, but the pastor wanted to sell food to make money for the mission trip so we had to have it tonight too.

Lots of our usual customers came and it was pretty busy.  It was fun to see them shopping.  Long ago when we first started to have the bazaar back in the seventies, we had the only bazaar in town.  Now there are several bazaars and tonight for the first time, all but one of them were going.

Naturally, the bazaar brings in less money than it did in the beginning but this is to be expected since there are so many others going on at the same time.

But it is fun to share the gifts that so many wonderful people have sent to us from across the lower 48 and this year we had a lot of questions about where the gifts come from and who makes them for us.  I was excited to share the news that the gifts come because of the love of Christ that these women have and want to share in our ministry in Cordova.

W0w, what a wonderful blessing.

Father, thank you for blessing us with so many gifts to share.  Amen.

Luke 6:38


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