December 3

More bazaar news….

Our turnout today was smaller than yesterday, but the customers were generous.

We used to price every item and it began to be a tedious process.  Some of the ladies wanted to quit having the bazaar, but I didn’t want to give it.  So we went to the idea of “Let’s make a deal.”

We have sold so many things in the past that it is easy to figure out what the customer should offer.  I always try to get them to name a price and unless it is way too low, I go with with it.  Typically it is higher than I would have expected and that makes the “deal” sweeter for us.

When we counted the receipts, we found that we had made more than we expected.  It was a huge blessing.  I am so happy as the bazaar funds help the preschool and our after school programs as well as Vacation Bible School and other special events.  It is a big blessing.

I am thinking of trying to have a spring bazaar and see how that goes.  We did try it once long ago when some women from Pennsylvania came to help us.  Maybe another group will want to come.  It is a lot of fun.

Father, thank you for blessing us abundantly.  We are blessed beyond measure.  Amen.

Philippians 4:19; James 1:17

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