December 4

The hanging of the greens…

Today marks the third year our church has had the hanging of the greens.  I really can’t say very much about how it works as I am downstairs with the wiggly children.  Today it was the hungry children.  It started with two little girls who announced to me that they were too hungry to stay upstairs.

So we went in search of some snacks.  While we were eating, one little girl said to her friend, “I wonder if I will get the new things I put on my order for Christmas.”  I asked her if she usually got everything on her list and she said, “Yes, always.”

I was a little taken aback by the term “order.”  Having a list didn’t bother me as I know lots of children make lists, including my own grandchildren.  I also was a bit surprised about her attitude, but I know not all kids are like I expect them to be.

I think this little interchange will stay with me as I ponder it and how to deal with children and the real meaning of Christmas.

Father, help me to be the example and teacher that encourages children to learn the true meaning of Christmas.  Amen.

Isaiah 9:6


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