December 6

Crock pot pizza is a success….

Even with substituting rigatoni for the pizza crust, crock pot pizza was amazing like real pizza.  It think it was the combination of layered ingredients and especially including pepperoni and cheese and pizza sauce.  That really contributed to the taste factor.

We had spinach salad and peanut butter cake with a chocolate ganache icing to round out the meal.  The “pizza” was pretty hearty with a layer of moose as well as grated Parmesan on top of the pepperoni.

The spinach salad with the feta cheese, cranberries and pecans went well with the “pizza.”

And best of all the birthday girl pronounced the meal a keeper and said repeats would be welcome.  I am thankful as I wanted to please her.

On another note, I renewed my handicapped parking permit with little trouble.  I had thought I would need a doctor’s note, but that was not the case.  I just had to write “renew” to which I added please, and sign my name and I was all set.  It was so easy I was surprised and very thankful.  I try not to use the handicapped space if there is another close spot, but it has been very helpful many times and I consider myself blessed.

Father, thank you for taking care of all the details in my life.  I am so blessed.  Amen

I Peter 5:7




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