December 10

Whew, what a busy day….

I needed to finish my cookies for the cookie exchange this afternoon, so I got up early and finished them.  Then I made some muffins for the hospital, went to get the pressure in my eye checked and after that I went to knit with my friend.

In the afternoon I went to the cookie exchange, made dessert for the party that night, took care of one of the pastor’s sons, went caroling and finally went to the party where I was in charge of the kids.

Once I got home I made the cinnamon roll dough and went to bed.

I think about the people who complain that they have nothing to do and I sometimes  wonder why they don’t see the opportunities  before them.

I have been thinking of all the things there are to do in December and it seems to me like the problem is fitting it all in if you are interested.  The problem is not that there is nothing to do.

Once again it all boils down to a matter of perception.  I am happy to have choices and to know that there is a lot to do and that is it designed to bless you.

I was blessed by caroling.  So many of the people we sang to seemed to appreciate our coming.  It was very sweet.

Father, thank you for blessing me in so many ways.  Amen.

Matthew 6:33



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