December 12

Problems and solutions…

I got up early to work on my Christmas sewing projects when lo and behold my 62 year old sewing machine which had started sounding a little funny began to smell really bad.  Yes, I quit sewing and started to work on the little bit of handwork I could do, but I also started to think of possible solutions.

Buying a machine and getting it shipped would take too long and I truly hope my trusty old Elna is reparable.  Borrowing from someone is probably not a viable option as people are a little particular about loaning equipment.

Finally I thought about the school home ec teacher.  That was a good choice. I emailed her about speaking to her and when I went to her room she not only was willing to let me use the machine, but said I could take it to my room.  Now I think I will be able to finish my projects in a timely fashion.

I am so thankful for those who are willing to help me and for possible solutions when I have problems.  Now I just have to plan my time well and work efficiently to finish on time.

Father, thank you for the help you provide when problems occur.  I feel confident I can finish my projects without a new problem arising and even if it does, I know you will guide me to a quick solution.  You are the great and mighty God who loves his children.  Amen.

Isaiah 41:10


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