December 13

Our office is….

Really hot during the hottest months in Cordova.  It is in the high seventies or eighties.  Now with the weather in the twenties and teens, the office is cold and we are wearing our long johns under our clothes.  My assistant even bundles up in a blanket in her desk chair.

It is funny how different the temperature is and how it seems to follow the temperature outside the building. The classroom is even colder and many kids keep their coats on.

The warmth or coolness in the building or at home is something we take for granted.  I typically never even think about it until I am confronted with a big change that affects me.

All of life seems to be like this.  We take so much for granted and we just go on and never even think of saying thank you to God.

My perspective is changing daily.  I am so thankful for plows doing their work, for the dirt and sand thrown down on the road and the crew that does this chore.  I am thankful for cleats which keep me safe and for friends who help us when things go haywire (like the DVD player keeping the disks). I am thankful when the technology works and when I get help when it doesn’t work. I am thankful for good long johns. The list is endless.

I once asked a friend to find one thing to be thankful for each day and she told me she could not do that.  I was really upset by this comment as it seems to me that each of us can certainly find something to be thankful for on a daily basis even it if is the same thing.

Jesus help me to never take you or your gifts for granted.  They amaze and encourage me daily.

Father, you are the blessing of my life.  Help me to share you with others and to never take your wonderful gifts for granted.  Amen.

From the Message translation of the Bible:  Ecclesiastes 7, Heb. 13:16, I Peter 4:7-11




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