December 15


My days are so busy I didn’t realize that this Saturday was totally free.  But what a blessing that is.  I will be able to start cleaning the apartment where the floor is being etched.  I can’t believe how much dust has been generated.  It is everywhere!!!

I think using a big sponge on the walls will work best, but I plan to ask other people what techniques they would use or have used.  Maybe I will research it through Google which is what a lot of people would tell me to do before I do anything else.

I am sure I will learn something from this experience.

I hope to mail all of my Christmas gifts tomorrow because the Post Office declared they would arrive before Christmas with no problem.  Saturday is doubtful in their opinion so I have to get it accomplished by tomorrow at the latest.

I have everything basically finished so I am in good shape.  I am so thankful.

Father, you always help me with what I need.  I am blessed and thankful beyond measure.Amen.

Isaiah 40:29 MSG



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