December 16

Today is busy, busy, busy….

I already delivered a cinnamon roll Christmas tree to the elementary school to wish them Merry Christmas.  I try to deliver at least a few snacks daily so I don’t leave it all for the end.

I have to mail my packages by 10:00 to ensure delivery by Christmas.  They are packed and ready.  I just need to address them.

I have to set up the preschool program snacks and lead the kids in their songs and verses.  You never know if little kids will speak or sing, but they do seem to do the motions every time so it should be fun.  Since we don’t have a big class, we are having it during school in the playroom downstairs at the church.  Time will tell how it goes, but I am ready.

I need to shop for a gift for the girl I am being an adopted grandma to at tonight’s Girl Scout dinner.

I need to set up for the advent event tonight. I got the cookies finished last night so that part is ready.  I just need to put out the supplies and set up the table for the cookies.

Then I will change clothes and go to the dinner and leave the dinner in time to get to the church event.  I told the GS leader and the young girl I had to leave by 6:20, but they said it was all right.

In the midst of all of this, I have been taking deep breaths and reminding myself that God is in charge and everything will fall into place and work for the best.  What a comforting thought in the midst of all this hustle and bustle.  I am so thankful for the mercy and grace of God especially today.

Father you never cease to amaze me in the ways you take care of us. The icy roads, the icy walks, all were traversable with care.  The things to finish, the things to do, all will be accomplished in your time.  I love you and praise your name.  Amen.

Isaiah 41:10; Romans 5:8



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