December 17

I love dirt, but I don’t love dust….

I have been getting the concrete floor in the apartment on the bottom floor of my house concrete etched this week.  It has been a very long process and an enormously dusty one.  I don’t think the guy doing the job had any idea it would be this dusty and in all honesty, neither did I.

Consequently, along with a teen I hired to help me, we dusted and dusted today.  Everything in the room where he was preparing the floor and in all the other rooms of her apartment, to say nothing of my stuff in the hall and in my floors upstairs is covered with a heavy layer of dust.

He will have to sponge down the walls and all the cabinets in the kitchen as well as every other surface to get it clean enough to put the furniture back and to make it look presentable.

He did put up a protective covering, but it went only part of the way up the walls and therein lies a lot of the problem.

I am sure he learned from this experience as did I.  If and when I get the other rooms concrete etched, I will insist on a total covering and making the doors tightly covered.

The other big problem is that the kitchen floor dried quickly, but the living room did not and is still tacky today.  I am just hoping and praying it is dry enough tomorrow to finish up the job before my tenant returns from a week long trip to Anchorage.

Aw, well, the moral of the story is live and learn.

Father, thank  you for the blessing of experience.  It is priceless as is your love.  Amen.

Proverbs 1:5


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