December 18

More cleaning….

While I was in church and knitting at the hospital, the guy I hired brought his family–mother and sister and others to help him clean.  He got the furniture moved back and replaced the carpets and obviously vacuumed.  It looks pretty good.

I did need to do some more dusting and cleaning in the bedroom and on the floor in the hall, but it is looking better and better.

I actually think there are a few wet or tacky spots on the floor, but it has to be drying.  How can it not?

I am glad my tenant can come home to her own space today and hopefully, she will like it.  I feel confident she will find more dust and I know not everything is in the exact right spot, but that should be easily remedied and relatively quickly too.

It is interesting how easy it is to mess things up and how much work it takes to make them right again.  I guess that is another lesson I have learned from this experience.

Hopefully, no more dust or cleaning experience this week.

Father, thank you for more lessons learned and more experience.  Amen.

Proverbs 1:7; 9:9


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