December 20

One little thing makes a huge difference….

After sliding down the hill yesterday and then having a few iffy moments this morning, I realized that I was letting those color my whole attitude.  Even though through the years I have had some scary trips down the hill and not all at my driving, I realized that I was letting the last few trips make me feel scared.

I determined right then and there that I had to stop feeling like this and make a real effort to feel positive.  It’s crazy because I have never felt scared before.  I know that I am in God’s hands and that he is in control.  Being scared is not worthwhile.

Thinking about this has also made me realize how easy it is for us to let a single incident change our perspective and actually change our whole attitude.  And I also realize that this is really unproductive.  It spills over to a lot of other areas of life and changes our outlook and our dealings with others.  SO…….I vow to catch myself when this happens and to stop that negative thinking and think positively about the situation so I don’t let if affect the rest of my life.

Father, you are the giver of life and you know what is best for us.  Thank you for being in control and for helping us change when we need it.  Amen.

Psalm 8


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