December 22

Online testing…..

What a mess!!  I spent literally hours with two different technical support guys and I still had trouble.  In fact the candidate could never test yesterday.

I am supposed to file a Critical Report, but now the computer won’t let me do it.  So I am corresponding to someone in the organization to get help.

Today the school is giving gifts to every student from preschool to seniors.  One kid just popped in to show me his gift, a selfie stick.  I think it is great that the gifts are appropriate for the different ages.  The organizers are also trying to get every kid in town a gift especially if they were not reached through the school.  We have been spreading the word.

Excitement is in the air today–the kids are getting a lot of different activities in our shortened day, I am leaving on my trip to Kansas and Tennessee and Christmas vacation begins today at 1:00.

Hopefully, all of this will combine to give the kids a positive attitude and help them react in positive ways.

Father, thank you for the many gifts you give us and for the opportunities to encourage others.  I am blessed.  Amen.

Philippians 2:1-30


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