January 5

Home at last…..

After a wonderful two weeks with my kids in Kansas and Tennessee and hours on the plane as well as a plane cancellation, I arrived home this morning on the Ravn flight at 9:00.  It was good to be home and especially after anticipating arrival yesterday and being forced to overnight in Anchorage.  The morning forecast was for fog in Anchorage which was the reason for the cancelled flight yesterday in Cordova, but it did not materialize so that was wonderful.

I always feel this way.  I am happy to leave and see my children and grandchildren, but I am also very happy to return home.  Maybe it is the long flights that make you anxious to see home or maybe it is something else, but whatever the reason, it  feels good to return.

I only had a little time to change clothes, go to acupuncture and then to the college and my classes, but it worked out well.  After college I went to the hospital to see my friend and she was very happy to see me.  She had been a little concerned that I had been gone as long as I was, but she had forgotten when I was supposed to return.  All was well once I got there.

I had to go home and make the church birthday cake for Sunday and then I was happy to get to sleep in my own bed.  The hotel bed was fine, but it just wasn’t home.

I had a great time on vacation and thought about many things and learned things as well.  I’ll be updating my blog with entries soon.

Father thank you for your wonderful watchcare over me and for the joy of returning home again.  You are amazing.  Amen.

Psalm 91:11; 121:8


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