January 10

Convocation, grammar and other notes of interest…..

Today was another day of Convocation.  I was a little surprised to hear from the program reports some of the same information I have been hearing for some time.  I am guessing it is because the changes being proposed are still in the works rather than an actual fact.

I had to leave the mornings discussion to go to one of the classes I teach and I ended up giving the students a brief English lesson.  They can’t seem to get past “Me and Tony” are going to do something and “These ones.”  They questioned my correction so much today that I told them to ask the English teacher.  I am hopeful she will reiterate my stance, but you never know.  I do know Transformational Grammar has been around for some time now and maybe this particular rule has changed.  TG says that if the general populace uses this form almost exclusively, it can be acceptable.  In this instance I certainly hope not.

On another note, I was surprised to see a lot of kids going to the hospital last night, but eventually I realized that they were still celebrating Russian Christmas and then I realized that was what they were there for.

I still remember celebrating when I was in Eek long ago.  It was very interesting and I ate fish head soup.  The people went from house to house and we were always treated to food and typically it included fish head soup (yes, eyes and all).  It definitely wasn’t my favorite, but I managed to eat some at every house.  I just ad to avoid the eyes.

Today I started a new blog page as I try to discover God’s will for my life this year.  You can read my thought by going to that page.  Just click on it at the top of the blog post on the Home page.

Father, I am thankful you are there through all of life.  Help me to show my appreciation and to let others know my thoughts in a helpful way.  Amen. 

Joshua 1:9; Isaiah 41:10


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