January 11

Apple cake…..

I’ve been using up apples since I have so many through an error in an order at the grocery store.  I had forgotten the Apple cake recipe I found in a book I read by Charlotte Hubbard.  Actually it is listed under Parties and recipes on my blog and I made it this morning.  It is even better than I remembered and it uses a lot of apple slices.

It is not the least bit difficult, but it does take a lot of time to bake–an hour and ten minutes.  There is also a bit of cooling time involved, but it is worth the wait.

I’ve been looking for apple recipes and I thought of Apple Pandowdy which I did look up.  It sounds good, but is rather involved so I might not make it right away.  I have already made apple pie muffins which were very good and I am thinking of making them again for Muffin Sunday this week for coffee hour.

I have thought of Apple crisp and Apple cobbler and I am looking for other recipes too.  I am eating a lot of apples too and I also made baked apple dessert one night.

Father, thank you for apples and creativity and for all the ways you help and encourage me.  I am awed.  Amen.




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