Signs along the way

I think about this decision every day, but I feel God telling me to get my house in order before I make the final decision.

One of the things we did when I went to Tennessee was visit the library.  It is very nice, spacious and filled with books.  I actually got two for one of my favorite authors and now I want to read the next installment in the life of the main character.  But that is an aside.

My oldest granddaughter took out a book titled Spark Joy.  She shared some of it with us and I was immediately captured by the idea of your possessions sparking joy in your life.  I think it was quite timely as the Pastor spoke about Jesus and joy on the previous Sunday.

It turns out that there is a first book by this author and it is about tidying up your home and putting it into order.  I was able to find a free summary that told quite a bit about the book and I think I will be able to carry through on the premise put forth by the author.

In spite of the fact that I cleaned all of my closets this past summer and went through the off site storage unit and really downsized it, I still think there is a lot to do in this regard.  When I think about my things sparking joy in my life, I can see a lot of things to discard, give away or get rid of.  There is no doubt in my mind that I have a lot to downsize.

I have started the process by thinking of each room in the house and I am sure that I can determine what does not bring joy to me and deal with it appropriately.

The author suggests that you deal with every room in your house on the same day to achieve the best results, but I feel confident that I can do it on a room by room basis and still get the same results.  I think it take determination and perseverance.

Father, help me to be focused on this task and not to give up when it gets hard.  Please move me along in the right direction.  Amen.



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