Christmas–December 25

It’s Christmas….

Of course the day started with opening gifts, but we limited that to our stockings and then we made and ate breakfast.  The was the tradition in our home when my son was growing up and he has continued that tradition in his home.  His wife opened gifts on Christmas Eve so they compromise and open a few gifts the night before Christmas, but it is primarily done on Christmas Day.

After breakfast, we began to open gifts.  We went in age order and we all watched as the gifts were opened.  It is always fun to see the reactions of people to gifts they receive and this year was no different.

I had made some of the gifts so I was particularly interested in the response of the recipients.  Naturally they were interested in my response to their gifts too.  It was a fun morning.

Once we finished with the gifts we worked on getting the meal started and cooking.  Everyone had jobs to do which sped the process up a bit.

After a delicious dinner, we spent time sharing and watching a movie.

It was a special Christmas Day and I was thankful to be able to spend it with m family.

Father, thank you for Jesus and for his birth.  Thank you that I have family to share with and that I could travel to be with them.  Amen.

Luke 2:1-20



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