December 26 and 27


The Day after Christmas we went to see the latest Star Wars movie, Rogue One. My grandson was particularly interested in me seeing this movie and had even shown me the third movie so I could transition to this one.  I confess to not liking the third movie very much.  Rogue One was a lot better.

We ate at a Mexican restaurant prior to seeing the movie.  It was good.

After running a few errands we came home and spent the evening at home playing games.

The next day my son and I went to see several homes for sale in Sterling.  It was interesting to see their condition for the asking price.  He particularly wanted me to see one he had been considering moving too.  It was definitely older than his home, but I could see potential in it.  Since my sister in law had been considering a move to Kansas, it was fun to see what was available think about her position on these choices.  She has been looking on realtor. com and I could see that some of them were not up to her standards.  I think a lot of paint and a little TLC would fix most of the problems.  We did see one home that was much newer than the others and had real possibilities in my opinion.  But all of this is an individual matter and I would not presume to make a decision for her.

Our big activity for the day was taking some family pictures for their New Year’s card.  We went to the lake in town and took pictures of the family, of my grandchildren together and then of my son and his wife together.  My daughter in law looked on the camera (the nice thing about digital) and we retook some of them and then we were satisfied and went home.  She had to practice for an upcoming play she is in and we hung out and played games.

I was very glad to take the pictures as we had discussed this prior to my coming and I really wanted to do it.  I love to take photographs and especially of my family.  I was glad my daughter in law was pleased.

Father, thank you for helping me fulfill one of my heart’s desires, taking photographs of my family.  Amen.

Genesis 1:27


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