December 29 and 30

Spending time together…

One of the things that I have been doing is helping my youngest granddaughter with her  special projects.  We finished a knitted bag she had begun in November.  We worked on learning how to embroider for a handkerchief she wanted to make for her mother, and then we worked on knitting a hat with the left over yarn from her other project.  She also helped me make cookies and bread.  She loves all crafts and cooking and is fun to be with.

We worked on all sorts of projects and had fun reading, playing and being together.  I am always wanting to do things for my daughter and she is always wanting me to just relax.  We did go to the Collierville library and I checked out two books I had been wanting read from an author I enjoy and I did get in some serious reading time.  I also read a book my daughter suggested from an author we both enjoy.

I love to read so it was no hardship for me to sit and read, but I also like to do things for my daughter so I also was happy when she suggested me baking for her.  All of her cookbooks were covered by an elaborate Christmas decoration they have so she has been checking books out of the library and I found a recipe for Asiago Bread which I made for dinner.  Another recipe I tried was one of her tried and true cookie recipes.

We did watch some movies together as a family too which was fun.

Father, thank you for wonderful times together with my family and for memories of time with my grandchildren.  I am blessed beyond measure.  Amen.

Philippians 1:3-5




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