God is affirming my direction….

Every day this week when I have read my devotions, one of the Scripture references used by the author has affirmed my decision to get my house in order before I make a big decision.  All of the Bible verses have been about moving forward in the right direction.

This has completely affirmed my decision to tidy my house and to discard the stuff that no longer brings me joy.

I have thought a lot about this and in spite of the fact that I have not discarded anything (I plan to begin tomorrow on Saturday) I have decided on a lot of things to discard.  I need to get boxes big enough to move forward.

The author suggests doing this in every room all at the same time.  I think this might be the key to moving forward with this concept she is putting forth.  I see the value in this, but I am not sure I have enough time to accomplish it in that time frame, but I am determined to start.  Starting is the key for me.  Then I can go forward.

Father, thank you for affirming me daily.  Thank you for your help and guidance.  Amen.



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