It takes help to make progress…

I have successfully posted many thing on my blog, but I have never been able to really get the hang of getting posts to go where I wanted them to.  Finally, I turned to my son in law who uses WordPress for his blog and many posts.

I hate to admit it, but ultimately he had to get control of my site and do it for me.  I had it really messed up.  I am so thankful that now daily blogs will appear as usual and posts to Finding God’s will will end up there and recipe and party posts will end up i that category.

I really try to be more technologically savvy and sometimes I do succeed, but in the big picture I need help.

I have to ask kids at school for help all the time.  Usually once they help me a few times I can do it on my own, but not always.  They just laugh and come forward and help me which is a real blessing.Sometimes they preface their help with a remark such as “You don’t know how to do that?”  but they are always kind about the actual help for which I am eternally grateful.

At any rate, I thought it might be worthwhile to point out the newer look and give all the thanks to my son in law for his help.

Now I’ll try not to mess it up.

Father, I am thankful for all the help I get with technology and the myriad other things that give me problems.  I am also thankful for your help in every situation.  I am so blessed.  Amen.

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