January 2-3

Family pictures, a birthday…..

I wanted to take family pictures of my daughter and her family and I am thankful that she was into it as well.  It had rained a lot the night before, but we decided to do it outside in the backyard and we were able to figure it out using two chairs.

My oldest granddaughter’s boyfriend is very interested in photography so I commissioned him as my assistant and he was a great help.  We did try using the stairs in the house, but I was unhappy with the shadows from the flash because I could not get the people far enough away from the wall with my small flash.

The break in the weather was just what we needed to we took them outside.  All went well.     I also took some with my son in law’s mother and then I did several poses with my granddaughter and her boyfriend.  I sent the best of each pose to him.

The third was my granddaughter’s birthday.  She wanted pavlova for her dessert so I made the meringue in the morning.  It has to sit in the oven after baking for quite a long time so that made it easier to cook the main meal later in the day.  Of course my daughter did that with help from me and another daughter.  It was a nice celebration and my daughter even managed to get 23 candles in the pavlova which was amazing since hers was only slightly bigger than the other individual servings.

She had fun opening her gifts and seemed to really enjoy her celebration.

I was happy I could stay long enough in Tennessee to celebrate with her which made it special for me.

Father, you bless me continually with special opportunities that mean so much to me like this birthday.  Thank you for the gifts and blessings that are mine because of you.  Amen.

Proverbs 17:17


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