Accomplishing a lot in 30 minutes

It’s amazing what you can accomplish in a short time…..

I had only 30 minutes left last night before bedtime to finish my kitchen discarding.  I have two corner cupboards that have two shelves.  They are the type of cupboard that you would see a lazy Susan installed if the house had been built in recent times.  These cupboards are very deep and it is interesting how much stuff you can store in them and how hard it is to access.

At any rate, I started to get things out of the cupboards and you guessed it, I was surprised and amazed at all the stuff I had forgotten was on the shelves.  I found a lot to discard and less to save and use.

Best of all I found my big container of cookie cutters that I had been looking for for ages.  I was happy to see it and now it is front and center where I can access it easily.

There was a lot of stuff that did not spark joy in me and I quickly discarded it. My box is now full and overflowing with stuff I have discarded from my kitchen.

I have gone through the cupboards, the drawers and even the counters.  I know the author and a lot of other authors I have read suggest having nothing on the counters, but I think the stuff I use daily like my stand mixer, the toaster, kleenex box can be out because I use them so much.  I do think other stuff needs to be either discarded or stored.  So I am working on that issue.

I am stunned at how much time this process takes and how easy it is in another sense.  I am thankful I am making progress.

Father, I am thankful you are with me every step of the way.  I am blessed by you daily.  Amen.


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