It takes time….

Discarding properly takes time….

I want to work on my bedroom, specially my knitting and table, as well as two of my dresser drawers.  When it comes to letting these things spark joy there is a definite need to work on my part.

However……I realized this morning that I cannot do it haphazardly.  True, I only needed a few minutes when it came to sorting out two kitchen cupboards, but this seems to be a lot more involved.

I have papers, patterns, needles, yarn, projects crammed in a small space and I need to not only go through them, but sort them as well.  In the brief few minutes I spent on one area with books and some finished projects, I realize that in this area I really need to follow the Spark Joy concept and lay everything out and then go through it.  When I worked on the kitchen, I just took out the pot, pan, glass and either kept it or discarded it.  With all this knitting stuff that technique won’t work.

The author of the Spark Joy and The Magic of Tidying Up Your Home definitely doesn’t advocate my technique in the kitchen.  I am sure her technique of putting it all out will work better, but I will have to do it when I have plenty of time as I think my floor and bed will be covered and I will need to finish the task in one fell swoop if I want to go to bed that day.

My goal is to accomplish it this Saturday.  I’ll keep you posted on my success.

Father, you know what I need and how I need to work.  Help me to stay on task and be thorough and not overly cautious.  Amen.


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