January 21

More discarding….

The youth sold breakfast burritos and some sort of muffin/roll to help raise funds for their upcoming trip to Anchorage to hear and see the NewsBoys so of course I went to that.  Then I went to the hospital to knit with my friend.

When I finally got home I started to work on my project for the day—-discarding stuff and organizing my knitting and bedroom.

My patterns are now in a binder, my leftover yarn is balled up with the exception of some smaller amounts which I have to go through and ball up.  My bins are cleaned out and all the junk I have accumulated–papers, cards, letters, etc. have been discarded.  I cleaned out two baskets and bins and went through them to get rid of the clutter.  Just thinking about the idea of whether or not they sparked joy for me made it relatively easy to get rid of stuff that I just never took the time to discard or put away properly.

I even worked on two drawers that I allowed to get messy.  I have managed not to get the others messed up since I sorted them this summer and my closet is in pretty good shape too.  I still need to go through my clothes and determine what to discard, but that project will have to wait until another day.

I ran out of time and needed to go to the high school for the final day of the tourney and more picture taking.

It was a good productive day and I feel encouraged by the outcome.

Father, I am thankful for the work I was able to accomplish today and I am thankful for your direction and guidance as I weed things out.  I feel blessed.  Amen.

James 1:17


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