January 22

How times change….

Today I attended a 50th wedding anniversary celebration of some friends I have known since shortly after I moved to Cordova years and years ago.

The “bride” was commenting to me on the fact that they had a cake, some mints and punch for their reception rather than the big dinners that are popular in our community now.  I too had that type of reception and we both reflected on the fact that times have changed drastically.

It seems that this change is evident in so many areas of life, regardless of what it is.  School is different, the attitudes of kids are different, weddings are different, birthday parties are different. And these differences are not minor, they are vast.  Birthdays are themed and usually quite elaborate affairs.  I remember playing a few games at birthday parties, opening the presents and having cake and ice cream.  That was it.  I don’t remember any decorations and party favors for those attending was unheard of.

Sometimes I wonder what ushered all these changes in. Probably someone did something different and then the next person did a little more and eventually it became a big thing that everyone did.  Maybe the change occurred in some other way, but I am guessing it sneaked up on folks until it was an expected thing.

Now I am not inferring that change is bad.  It isn’t necessarily so, but it does involve a huge expense and a lot of expectations and I am not 100% certain that all the elaborate expectations of today are necessary.  Sometimes being simple is good.  I am sure I will get arguments over this, but then again you never know.

It does give me pause for thought.

Father, help me measure my response carefully and consider how I should act in each and every situation. Keep me grounded in you.  Amen.

James 1:3


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