January 25

It’s the blame game….

If you thought only kids like to play the blame game, think again.  Today a problem came up at work and in the process of trying to solve it I ran into the blame game big time.  Each adult I talked to tried to blame another.  Even though I was a bit flustered about the situation, it was a bit comical seeing adults blaming each other.

I guess that what we learn and practice as kids is repeated throughout life.  What we need is to learn better ways to handle situations and then these would be repeated as adults.  It seems that as parents and teachers we do not often think about the future consequences of some of the actions we display as kids.

It also seems that it is pretty difficult for kids and adults to accept the responsibility of their actions and to shoulder them respectfully.

Another thought that hit me today……

The high school kids were messing around in the Media Center which was our old library.  The school often keeps the lights off in this room so when I went out and turned them on, the messing around diminished to a degree.  It seems that it is easier to do things that others might not accept in the dark, but when the light shines on the behavior, it is harder to do so.

Jesus is the light and he wants that light to shine through us.  Our light is needed to shine through the darkness and the blame to show righteousness and respectful behavior in every situation.  We are that light.

Father, help me shine your light in every situation.  Amen.

John 3:19-21




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