What sparks joy for you?

Going through my house and working on the clutter from the viewpoint of sparking joy has made a difference in many other areas in my life too. Often now as I go through a room my eyes fall on a particular item that sparks joy for me.  Also, seeing how the kitchen counter is clean sparks joy.

It is interesting to me that I even see the idea of what sparks joy for me in the responses of others and in their interactions with me and others.  It has made me much more careful in my decisions and in my own personal interactions.

I like to make baked items and give them to others to encourage and bless them.  I do confess, however, that giving the items away sometimes proves to be a problem for me.  Recently I have brought bread to school, plated it and given it to one of my student helpers to pass out.  Today he told me how much he loves giving these items away and seeing the smile on the faces of the recipients.  He also said, “I love doing this.  It makes me feel so good.”  I was surprised and thankful that he has such a wonderful attitude about helping me in this way.

Philippians is a book about joy.  I have read it often, but I am going to read it again and think about how that joy is sparked by others.  I want to spark joy in others too.

Father, this is such a great concept.  To spark joy and to have joy sparked in me is a blessing.  Thank you so much.  Amen.



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