January 29

A different type of coffee hour…

Typically we have what we call Coffee Hour after the 11:00 AM worship service.  It ranges from birthday cake the first Sunday of the month to honor those born in that month to different treats.

Lately there has been a theme to the Coffee Hour and we have had muffin Sunday, Savory and Sweet, cookies, etc.  Today’s Coffee Hour was a potato bar.

The woman in charge has a daughter who is a caterer and she gets ideas from her.  She found small baking potatoes which she baked and put in a picnic tote which she had warmed up with hot towels and the potatoes were quite warm when she served them.  People in the congregation brought an assortment of toppings ranging from butter to grated cheese, chili, cooked broccoli and crumbled bacon.

It was quite good and I was impressed with how well it was served and also how well it went over.  Even the kids ate some. Using her daughter’s expertise made a world of difference as the potatoes were well cooked and very hot when served which made all the difference.

She has a lot of ideas for our forthcoming Valentine Dinner which are different than normal and I am sure they will turn out well too.   She is new to our church and brings a lot of interesting ideas and energy to carrying them out which is really nice.

Father, thank you for the individuality you give us and for the gifts we can share with others.  Today was nice and blessed our church family.  Amen.

I Peter 4:10



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