January 30

Iceworm week….

Officially Iceworm Week began yesterday. This is a fun time when all of Cordova celebrates the Iceworm (Trivia Fact #1:  yes, they do exist).  The Festival began 56 years ago to break up the winter blues and put some cheer and activity into what can be very cold days and result in people being housebound.  This is not very accurate anymore as we have plows, dirt trucks and air transportation as well as the ferry which means that almost no one is truly housebound in Cordova in the winter.

But the festival is a lot of fun and is pretty well attended by most people.  There is a big parade on Saturday which will be nice if it is sunny which is predicted.  There is a Variety Show Friday night and the crowning of the Iceworm Queen which is a high school girl and the naming of the Citizen of the Year.

There are lots of other events too like a survival suit race, an arts and craft show, a photo show, and all sorts of athletic competitions which are usually a big deal too. There is even a free ice cream feed sponsored by the Pioneers.  (Trivia fact #2:  Did you know Alaskans eat more ice cream per capita than folks in other states?)

If you want to see a photo of the Iceworm and Baby Iceworm, look at the Cordova Chamber of Commerce website.  However, the Iceworm committee is rolling out a new Baby Iceworm costume (We had a brief sneak peak at the basketball game last week) and that will be fun.  I get to take pictures of kids with Baby Iceworm after the parade at the Cordova Telephone Company’s annual birthday celebration.  The pictures are given to the participants.

The hunt for the tail of the big Iceworm began with daily clues and also includes a monetary prize so kids and adults are searching frantically to be the winner.

So, today at Good News Kids we start to celebrate by making a baby iceworm thanks to glue and lots of pompons.  It will be fun.

Father, there is always something to  thank you for and I am glad we have fun times that people can share.  Help me to share your joy in all we do daily.  Amen.

Romans 15:13; Galatians 5:22-23




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