January 31

Some days I really wonder….

I have wondered about this for a long time and this year the students have given me cause to wonder about this a lot.  I fail to understand how they think a 0 grade will not affect their overall grade in a significant manner.  So they end up with a failing grade and they say, “I didn’t think that zero would hurt me that much.”

Now granted some grades are weighted more than others by some teachers, but most of the daily and weekly grades are usually weighted the same and it is usually only the midterm and finals that are weighted more.

I have even used the example of a 0 and 100 and divided by two and the answer is still a failing grade.  Then try 50 and 100 and hey, what do you know, a passing grade.  But still they get zeros and are shocked that their grade changes drastically.

We have a program where the teacher enters every grade and the computer calculates the current composite grade.  Only when they see it in black and white do they begin to get the picture.  The good thing is that when they do the work and get a grade, even if it is lowered for being late, their grade will go up.

I am thankful it does goad them into work, but I really wish the students would understand how grades work because it seems like it might be better in the long run and especially if they go on with their education after high school.

Aw, well.  I can only hope.

Father, thank you for all you do to help and encourage me.  Help me to be a daily encourager of others. Amen.

Psalm 28:7


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