February 4


It was fun to see the new Citizen of the Year and the new Iceworm Queen last night.  The Variety Show was pretty long.  It used to be this long and then in recent years, it was shortened, but this year it was back to its longer length.  It included all sorts of acts from kids music to adults.  It was interesting. I am always surprised to see who enters and how it goes.

My time as a photographer started at 4:30 photographing the queen candidates getting their hair done and makeup applied by a professional.  The girls all wanted me to photograph this, but I have hesitated to put it on Facebook.  I will ask at school Monday and only post those who want it done.  I did post the coronation and lots of photos taken after the show.

I learned my lesson and have divided up the photos into groups as it takes too long to accomplish which I learned in the past.

I also photographed the parade and then I went to the Birthday Party to take photos of kids with Baby Iceworm.  However, since there is a new costume this year the outfit didn’t make it to the party for quite some time and a lot of the parents with very young kids left before it arrived.  I was sorry that happened, but I am not responsible for getting the outfit there and I think maybe next year, it will be handled differently.  Since the new outfit is really nice looking and cute I suspect people were detaining the Iceworm in the street to get photos taken with him.

If you want to see what the new Baby Iceworm looks like go to Susan Harding Photography on Facebook to check it out.

It was definitely a long day and the amazing fireworks display was the last event of the day.  I got some photos of that too.

Father, thanks for another nice Iceworm complete with sun which was extra special.  What a blessing for all of Cordova.  You are an awesome God.  Amen.

Deuteronomy 10:17





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