February 5

Super Bowl….

Although I am not a big football fan, I always go to the Big Game at the church to take care of the kids who come.  This year was no exception.  However, there were not a lot of kids and eventually they tired of playing and decided to play games on their parents Ipad and phone.

Since we had not cleaned up and I know how changeable kids are, I did not leave, but went down to see the game and keep an eye on them.  I was rooting for the Falcons since it was their first appearance in the SuperBowl, but we all know they did not win.

Truly I do not like really close athletic events of any sort, but I know they make the crowds happy.  However, after we cleaned up, I went by the store on my way home.  It’s funny.  My son loves sports of all types and my husband did not particularly like any sport.  I am sure that contributed to my not watching them.

I do remember watching baseball as a kid growing up and some as an adult.  I am sure it is because my dad took me to lots of minor league games which were played in my hometown. I went to some football games as a high school student, but no other sport was big at our school and the only really popular sport at my college was rugby which was not big with me.

You can see I come by my lack of enthusiasm for sports in general from my background.  I don’t dislike them, I am just not into them.  I probably like high school volleyball and basketball best as I go to take photos and see the kids in my classes play.  Only one of my grandkids plays sports at this point in life and since I don’t live close I don’t follow it much.  My son is a college volleyball coach and I keep track of his matches on the computer, but it is hard to watch as my computer doesn’t buffer very fast which makes the games hard to watch.  There is so much delay.

When you think about it, this makes sense.  I think we like what we get used to.  Since I am most used to everything related and connected to the church, that is where my interests lie.  If we had a church team, I think I would be into it more.

I am thankful for God who makes each of us unique and loves us just as we are with all of our differences.  If you had asked me if I would have been interested in photography growing up, I would have responded no.  It just shows that as I grew to appreciate it and learn more about it, I found photography interesting and began to develop my skills which have given me a lot of joy.

Father, you are a wonderful God and you love us so much and encourage and bless us and help us become skilled at so many different endeavors.  Thank you.  Amen.

John 14:26

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