February 7

It’s official….

My oldest grandson is coming to Cordova for a semester to work at the Science Center.  He was supposed to do a Cooperative at the Naval Research Lab, but the hiring freeze ended that.  He tried to volunteer, but that did’t work out either so he got in touch with the man working on Ocean Engineering project at our local Prince William Sound Science Center and he will be arriving next Tuesday.

I am not completely sure what he will be doing or what his hours are, but I am sure it should be a great opportunity. Of course the fact that we have snow and more is coming makes this deal all the sweeter.  I have cross country and downhill skiis, as well as snowshoes so he should  be able to get in lots of snow activities while he is here.  Some years we don’t have much snow, but this year is shaping up nicely and it should be perfect for him.

The last time he was here was in 2012 when we had the huge snow, but he spent all of his time shoveling which is probably not the best memory of snow. It does snow a little in Virginia where he goes to school and a little in Tennessee where his family just moved, but our snowfall should be significantly more than those two places and should be what he is looking for.

It will be fun to have him here and to see how this Cooperative works out.  I am quite interested in the particulars.

His room is almost ready and I am thinking of other things I need to do to be prepared.  I did get a list of his food likes and dislikes.  Some of them I knew, but not all.  I am sure it will go well.

Father, thanks for this opportunity for my grandson to come to Cordova for his cooperative.  Thanks for the opportunity for me to spend more time with his as an adult.  You give me such wonderful blessings.  Thank you.  Amen.

Psalm 100:3

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