February 9


This morning I received an email with photos of four deer who swam to a fishing boat and appeared to want a ride.  The captain of the boat put down his back gate and the deer came on board.  Once he reached his destination, they disembarked and went to the forest with the exception of the smallest deer which the fishermen put in a cart and took to the edge of the woods.

It was pretty amazing and a surprise to read.  I had never heard anything like this before although others I shared it with told me it haos happened previously.

The thing that is neat about this in additin to the action of the fishermen is the fact that we can view the pictures and see the whole story in action.  Technology is pretty wonderful when you think of it in this way.

We do come up with problems, like my three computers which won’t “talk” to each other and the IT guy in India keeps wanting them fixed, but overall technology is fascinating and operates pretty well considering all the problems that it can encounter in a day.

Our world has changed so much since I was a kid and I am sure it will change significantly in the future too.   We have such an amazing God who has given us minds and brains that can accomplish astonishing things.  Now we just need to help and encourage others to use those minds and brains to their fullest potential.

Father, I know you want us to use our minds and brains to their potential.  Help me to set a good example that will encourage my students to really be productive.  Amen.

Ephesians 3:20



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