February 10


This means that the students are not in school and the teachers are working on some project.  Since I am not technically part of the high school staff, I am not required to work on this project and I am at the college where I can work on other projects.

I like these days because they give you a break in the routine.  Today I was reminded that I haven’t been thinking about sparking joy in my life much in the last few weeks actually and I need to focus on that so I can keep making progress in eliminating the clutter from my life.

It seems like I have to concentrate on removing clutter in order to be successful at it.  When I don’t focus on that, it starts to pile up around me.  Maybe this is a sign of a cluttered mind.  I once had a gift of a pillow that said a clean desk was a sign of an empty mind or something to that effect.  I doubt that this is true.  I think that clutter is a sign that I haven’t really made up my mind what is important to me and sparks joy and what is not.  I also haven’t figured out where to put the things I do want to keep that spark joy.

Sometimes I think I need more storage space, but that would only result in me keeping more stuff so I need to rethink how to use my storage space effectively.  In spite of the fact that the author of Spark Joy says you only have to go through your rooms once, I think I am going to have to do it more than once as I was not thorough enough the first time.

However, the good thing is that my box of stuff I am eliminating has grown to boxes and more stuff in those boxes.  I need to empty the boxes and keep going.  I will reread portions of the summary of Spark Joy and let them encourage me to keep at it.

Father, you know what brings me the greatest joy.  It is your love and encouragement.  Help me to remember that blessing and find joy in life everywhere I look and go.  I love you.  Amen.

James 1:2; Romans 15:13


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