February 12

Friends are a blessing….

I am so thankful for dear friends.  In order to get from my house to the church I have to go down two steep hills.  I have to go up those same hills to get home.  When I heard that the ski hill which is just above my house up one more hill was going to be open today, I knew the   roads were going to be slick.

Thanks to my friends with the kids who attend our Missions group on Sunday evenings, I was able to change the time from the evening to the early afternoon which meant only one trip back up the hill for the day.  I was so thankful.

As I sat down at my computer to write, I heard noise outside so I looked out my window.  Sure enough cards were waiting in a line to go down the hill.  Then I saw three bunched up at the top trying to untangle themselves and after that I saw the dirt truck come up the hill.

I appreciate my friends changing their schedule so I did not have to go down the hill again this evening and then come back up.  It was slick when I came up at 2:15 this afternoon and after all the traffic on the hill I can only image how slick it must be now.

It is supposed to snow the rest of the evening and night and then change to rain at           6:00 am and rain for the next two days straight and then go back to snow for five more days before sun comes for one day. That means tomorrow will be icy and slushy, but this is what usually happens in Cordova so my method is to pray mightily and to go as snow as possible down which means no miles an hour according to the speedometer and as fast as possible uphill which means 20 miles an hour.  I  have been very thankful for safe, slidefree trips so far.

I try to limit myself to one round trip a day.  Everyone seems to understand and like I say friends are a blessing.

Father, you are so wonderful.  I praise you for safe trips and friends who are willing to change their schedules just for me. I am truly blessed.  Amen.

Psalm 146:5



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