February 13


Wow!!  It’s slippery.  I slid six times on my way down the hills this morning.  The good thing is that I was able to control the car, thank you Jesus, and I never went into a ditch, or hit the side of the road, or got stuck in a snow berm, but it was a little exciting for me.

I was thankful to arrive safely at school although it took me 25 minute to make the trip from my house which is only six blocks.  That gives you some idea of how slippery the roads are.  It has continued to pour down all day and is expected to continue tomorrow.  Lots of folks are predicting the roads will be good tomorrow because there is so much rain.  I certainly  hope so since I need to go to the airport to pick up my grandson.

Starting Wednesday, the snow is supposed to return and snow for five days.  I should not be surprised.  This is true Cordova weather, first one thing and then the next.

People are shook up and wanted to cancel Good News Kids because they can’t get around.  And they are worried about me going home in the dark which I thought was thoughtful of them.  So we are canceling it and we also have several out of school with illness which has been going around for quite some time.

The one big thing I keep thinking is how thankful I am for safety and for God’s provision for us.  It could be a lot worse.  We could have terrible flooding, lots of accidents and all sorts of problems that we do not have at this point.  There is always something to be thankful for and today there are a lot of things I find to be a blessing.

Father, you are amazing.  In the face of adversity, you surprise us with wonderful gifts and I am thankful for your protection and guidance.  Help me to remember it always.  Amen.

John 16:33



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