Sticking to the plan…

My college age grandson is arriving tomorrow and I have been caught up in getting his room ready.

I have gone through the drawers in the chests, worked on the closet and searched for places to put things and also disposed of some things.  At long last, the room is starting to spark joy for me.

It took a little doing and I got sidetracked by other work at home, like making Valentine cookies, but I think it is ready.  I just need to put the welcome sign on the door.

It is interesting how sparking joy works for me.  I try to go through a room and get rid of all the things that do not spark joy, but it seems like there is always something or in this case several “somethings” that I have neglected to deal with.

Actually, there are two things left that do not spark joy for me, but one is too heavy for me to deal with.  I’ll get my grandson to remove it and the other will take some time since I need to go through it and decide what to keep and what to throw away.  It is many magazines that I need to deal with.  Just writing about them makes me want to throw many of them away which I will do today when I get home.  Maybe then I can get through the others in a hurry.

If truth be told, I think speed is helpful in sparking joy.  It seems that the more I deliberate about something, the slower I am to truly deal with it and get rid of it.  I need to remember this as it will help me in the future with other rooms.

I realize I also need bigger trashcans in my cleaning.  I got big boxes for the stuff to give to the Salvation Army, but true trash needs a bigger can to speed things up.

Father, I am so thankful you keep me on track.  Help me to remember to find what sparks joy for me in every situation.  I know you are the giver of all joy and I need to find it in every situation.  Thank you for blessing me.  Amen.


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