February 25

I love Cordova….

Tonight just reaffirmed one of the big reasons I think Cordova is a great place to live.

Two of the Homecomiong queen candidates were girls with special needs.  They were all dressed up in beautiful gowns and looked radiant.  Their escorts were perfect gentlemen and very well behaved.  It just reminded me once again how special Cordova is.  It has happened before, but in the past it was only one person at time.  Even one of the other escorts was a person who has not been popular in the past.

I love it that our school kids just don’t show partiality or lack of kindness in these situations.  I am not saying we have perfect kids. We don’t.  I’m not saying we don’t have any bullies in our school.  We do.  What I am saying is that our kids know how to rise to the occasion and act like the young men and women you want them to be and they do it without having to be reminded of their responsibility.

It always brings a tear to my eye, but that’s OK.  As I took their pictures I just thanked God again for those kids and for the joy that I know those three young people must have felt tonight as they walked the “red carpet” (actually paper).   It was a great thirty minutes and the crowd responded with applause and cheers and whistles.

I’m glad I live here.  I love Cordova.

Father, thank you for times like tonight when I see kids having fun and being excited and getting joy in their lives.  It was a blessing.  Amen.

Psalm 139:14

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